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NupsGroup is a comprehensive selling group of used autoparts.

NupsGroup is a comprehensive selling group of used autoparts.

This group is the one which it is possible to have made to be a car dismantlement trader in Japan with the 2nd era of the secondhand part exporter centering.
It still is about 6 companies but it plans to expand at any time if there is an applicant in the future.
In this home page, itintroduces an exporter in it. If being the style towant to know contents in detail in the company of the visitor,
access a home page in eachcompany from this top page.

The management taking charge junichi fujita

Akutsu & Company

There are mainly many cars with daily output in the company whichcombines a car dismantlement industry,
too.It is possible to export any part.

Fujita Shokai

It is the company which is purchasing from the dismantlement trader.
Therefore, there is much shipment quantity of the article.
The treatment item is drive shaft, air compressor, starter, alternator, engins mainly.
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Big Eight

This company exports a Diesel car to four tons mainly.Make contact readily.

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